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The Exhibit

The Dyslexia Discovery Exhibit is an outdoor gallery experience open to the public located at 21 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch, New Zealand.

It is a world class exhibit created in collaboration with Sir Richard Taylor , Weta Workshop, Mackenzie Thorpe, Ron Davis, the Britten family, and Paul Dibble.

A Cookie Time Charitable Trust initiative in support of the work of the Dyslexia Foundation of
New Zealand. It has been funded primarily by Cookie Time Limited and a private family Trust although many have supported the project in kind.

Haden Emslie Architecture and Morgan and Pollard have provided design and construction expertise to the project.

The gallery provides knowledge, inspiration and encouragement for all dyslexics by showcasing the artistic, engineering, creative and business achievements of four leading picture thinkers:

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Sir Richard Taylor : Richard and his team have created a number of elements for the Exhibit. Central to the story being told is a bronze sculpture Inner Struggle and a steel plasma cut ribbon of words that float through the air adding a whimsical feature.

About Him: Sir Richard Taylor is the co-founder and head of New Zealand film prop and special effects company Weta Workshop.

A close friend of Peter Jackson, he and his company created many of the props, costumes, prosthetics, miniatures and weaponry for Jackson's epic The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. For his work on the three films, he shared in winning four Academy Awards. This included two for The Fellowship of the Ring in Make Up and Visual Effects, and two for The Return of the King in Costume Design and Make Up.


John Britten: Paul Dibble is one of NZ’s leading sculptors. Inspired by John Britten’s life he has created Free Flight a large bronze wing like sculpture designed to allow it’s audience to touch and climb. A fitting tribute to John and his dreams of speed and flight.

About Him: As a child John Britten built go-karts out of old packing cases and at the age of twelve had saved enough money to buy a petrol motor and build his first motor powered go-kart. From these beginnings, he became a Kiwi legend of the late 20th century whose distinctive hand-built pink-and-blue motorcycle broke four world speed records and reached iconic status worldwide.

His school reports however did not reflect his brilliance, rather they repeatedly stated “this boy could do better”.


Ron Davis: Reflecting his humble nature is a simple pair of Ron’s Shoes created in bronze by Weta Workshop and made available in the exhibit for visitors to step inside of.

About Him: Ron Davis was born autistic and dyslexic. When he was 12 his mother was told that he couldn’t be educated and that he was “mentally retarded”. His mother didn’t give up. When he was 17 his intelligence was tested and he scored 137 points. Years of experimentation, observation, and introspection led Ron Davis to a position of authority in the world of dyslexia.

His best selling book “The Gift of Dyslexia” and his Davis Dyslexia Correction Programmes have changed the way the world relates to dyslexia.


Mackenzie Thorpe: At the centre of the exhibit surrounded by a water feature is one of Mackenzie’s monumental bronze sculptures. Mackenzie’s life story along with his sculpture Falling in Love weaves an emotional element into the exhibit.

About Him: Mackenzie is an internationally acclaimed artist who works with charities all over the world. His humble childhood began in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, an industrial town in Northern England where he had to overcome tremendous odds to pursue his artistic dreams. Struggling with dyslexia throughout his childhood, Mackenzie found confidence in painting and drawing. His works express an entire range of human emotion, from the special bond of love and friendship, to the importance of self-reflection and individual triumphs. His works are a tribute to the creativity within us all and are a vivid expression of hope and the human spirit.




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