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The acclaimed Dyslexia Discovery Exhibit, which celebrates the creative talents dyslexia can bring, is the recipient of several prestigious New Zealand landscaping awards.

A world-class outdoor gallery experience, this interactive sculpture garden is exquisitely designed and features inspirational works by Weta Workshop's Sir Richard Taylor , celebrated sculptor Paul Dibble and renowned British artist Mackenzie Thorpe.

The latest awards, with judges’ comments, are listed below.

Click here to read our media release on the NZILA Resene Price of Place Landscape Awards 2008.

Landscape Industries Association of New Zealand
Landscapes of Distinction Awards 2008

Winner, Stevenson Landscape of the Year

“This garden embodied everything looked for by the judges in this important competition. Nationwide there were many fine gardens entered but this was exceptional in its design, construction and its choice of plant material and in its central feature, the fountain. The introduction of fine bronze sculptures was a special feature and the bronzed scripts representing the reading problems that dyslexics struggle with were an intriguing part of the whole. Situated just off a busy city street and well equipped to withstand the foot traffic that will inevitably occur, this garden was the unanimous choice for landscape of the year.”

Winner, Daltons Best Commercial Project

“Just a few 100m away from the Christchurch Cathedral, this property could not be closer to the heart of Christchurch. Amongst all of the magnificent buildings, trees and riverscapes it holds its own as a real eye catcher. Its clever layout draws people instinctively towards it and, once there, it's intricate detailing captures the imagination and allows a prolonged and fascinating interaction. It has served its commercial and educational purposes with finesse and self confidence. This garden is a real achievement and a wonderful addition to the many attractions of downtown Christchurch.”

Winner, Maccaferri New Zealand Best Water Feature

“Small but beautifully formed sums up this delightfully crafted water feature; good design, superior materials and attention to detail are the hallmark. The water splashes quietly into an easily maintained central basin giving the garden movement without distracting from the whole. While this water feature is comparatively small it could not be faulted in any way; sited on a busy street it will delight all who pass by.”

Gold medal, Landscape Design (Over $40,000 Division)

“This inspirational garden was designed and built as an outdoor learning experience, to educate the public about the realities of living with dyslexia. It has fulfilled its brief with astounding success. This tiny, poetic front yard provides a whimsical, delicately designed gallery space for art work, plants and water. The garden is not only beautiful to be, in but one leaves it enriched with understanding and admiration for those who are dyslexic. An outstanding design achievement.”

Gold medal, Landscape Construction (Over $40,000 Division)

“An inspirational execution of exquisite construction elements and materials; occupying a very small space. Sharing space with beautifully executed artists' pieces this project illustrates the very best in construction practices; combining finesse with sound construction techniques.”

Gold medal, Landscape Horticulture (Over $40,000 Division)

“The attention to detail in this planting scheme was exceptional and considering the small and restrictive site all the plants were perfectly in scale. There was a surprising but careful mix of New Zealand natives and exotics. Given the complex message this garden conveyed, the planting was perfectly harmonious with the other elements and in no way intruded.”

Gold medal, Water Feature (Commercial)

“Together with other features of this outstanding garden, the fountain is beautifully executed. A high central column is enclosed by a circular platform paved with basalt sets from which ten small jets of water rise and fall. There is nothing flashy about this water feature, just excellent craftsmanship and good taste; outstanding.”

Silver medal, Landscape Maintenance (Over $40,000 Division)

“A silver award …was very well merited”

NZILA Resene Pride of Place Landscape Awards 2008

Silver Award, Commercial/Industrial/Institutional category

“Honouring the best in landscape architecture around the country”




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